With a large number of cannabis dispensaries around, you might find it hard knowing where to start. If you have your medical marijuana vancouver card this article will give you some handy tips.


The first thing to do should be identifying all the cannabis dispensaries close to your area. In this, Google maps and online ads can be of great help.  Once you get a couple of cannabis dispensaries in your location, you can start researching one after the other. You can do this by searching them online, and read their profiles. Narrow down the list to remain with the top best. One thing to note is that the cannabis industry in Vancouver is not that old, and hence there are no rigorous standards about their operations. For this reason, you will get a different experience from any medical cannabis dispensary you visit.


Many cannabis dispensaries in Vancouver like Apollo Medical Center do not require an appointment, to access the medical viewing rooms. It is, however, essential to call prior the visit to know whether you will have to wait. When assessing a new Vancouver cannabis dispensary, there are some things to pay attention to on your first visit.


The first impression is usually in the waiting room where you will be required to hand out your Vancouver medical cannabis registration card to the person at the reception. Once you do that, you will be taken to a bud room immediately, or wait until the moment when you are called back.   Wait times are usually short, and at times they are only a few minutes.  During non-peak seasons, many dispensaries have no wait times at all. Get more facts about cannabis at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cannabis_indica.


The experience in the bud room is a crucial thing to consider when evaluating a new cannabis dispensary in Vancouver.  The first walk to this room can be quite overwhelming to many people. Many patients end up not knowing where to begin, from the rows of glass jars packed and arranged next to each other.

While in the dispensary, ask to see different cannabis strains like the red dot, the shelf, the A grade, and all the types available. As much as it is advisable to choose the highest grades, do not overlook the lower ones. They could make the best use of your money.



Ensure that you note the pricing structure. This should be a significant consideration factor when looking for a cannabis dispensary in Vancouver. So long as the product is similar to that offered in other clinics, do not pay more.